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Introducing Vantage Flex 65®

When new products are launched, you can't be expected to know everything.

That's why Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company® has digitally ready resources to get you out the door and closing sales. Get familiar with the Vantage Flex 65 Sales Brochure below so you can be prepared to answer your client's questions.


Resources at Your Fingertips

Bankers Fidelity makes it a priority to provide agents with the resources they need in an easily accessible environment. With the launch of a new product, Vantage Flex 65 will drastically enhance your product portfolio. When you utilize the information provided below and in ADDS®, you'll be able to write your Hospital Indemnity policy with confidence.

Product Comparison Guide

Compare our product to that of our main competitor. Download our Vantage Flex 65 comparison guide now to keep on hand in the office and the field and have comfort in knowing your selling a product that beats others' standards.

Product Benefits and Incentives

The option to move to a High Deductible F plan without underwriting restrictions is invaluable to your customer. When your Medicare Advantage client's healthcare costs become unbearable, this feature could have a great impact. As an agent, reap the benefits of gaining 200% credit towards the 2019 Sales Conference in Portugal.

Rates and Availability

Vantage Flex 65 will continue to launch nationally throughout 2017. View this map to stay updated with product and e-App availability. Sample rates can be found here; visit ADDS to view your licensed state's rates.

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